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Notes from the Road

August 2016

Don't you just hate…

Periods with Single Spaces?
I write a lot – it’s what I do.  I like double spaces at the end of a sentence, which appears to make me a typing luddite.  Lately, this has become increasingly harder to hang onto.  Coworkers and partners don’t do it, and my blog software messes with the word wraps when these spaces happen at the end of a line.  Give me back my spaces.

No Socks?
Business environment, grown men, loafers, no socks.  Why?  I don’t get it.  Are they lazy?  Do they like how the sweaty skin sticks to the leather?  Are they about to go boating?  Just odd.

Business Casual?
OK, after a while I became accustomed to Fridays.  Now, I must admit, I wear a shirt and tie less often than I used to.  But never?  I don’t think so.
Even if you consider the attire “dress up”, it can serve a purpose at times.
People who pronounce Accessible as if it were spelled Assessible.  Can’t they see the letters on the page?  “Handicapped Assessibility” is not a mandated design concept.

Not it’s not – almost never is.  The only thing, it seems, that is awesome is the number of times people find this as the preferred descriptor.
Brits have their own go-to word.  My notion of brilliant is either genius or dazzlingly bright.  Not quite the same for people from the UK.  Who knew?
Are you Canadian?  Well, that’s stunning.  Only maybe.

You Know?
There was a time I thought this repetitive phrase came from those with less formal education.  Not so.

Linguists apparently have a term to describe it – filler.  Something to say, while you’re thinking about what comes next.  Others think it’s added as a way to insert emphasis.  Honestly, I don’t care.  It’s annoying, no matter what.

To make matters worse, there are now variations: “You know what I’m sayin’”, “You understand?”  Actually, I don’t. 
We know about them.  Ethnic groups, nationalities, professional affiliations, age categories, genders – they all seem to get profiled at one point or another.
My beef is with those oblivious to preconceptions, who proceed blindly in fulfilling them.
A lack of self-awareness is irksome.

“_____ made me do it.”  Insert “whatever” into the blank.  C’mon already.  Take responsibility for your actions.
I’d almost rather hear an admission of “My bad”; even though that, in itself, has become nearly as annoying.  As if that makes it all right. Not really.

No Eye Contact?
Would you look at me already?  We’re trying to have a conversation here.
Bluetooth Headsets in the Office?
Give me a break.  Even if your wife is about to give birth, you can put the phone on vibrate and carry it in your pocket.  Anything else is just plain rude.
The meeting was scheduled for 11:00, not 11:25.  If you’re not there within 10 minutes of the agreed-upon time, you better have a darned good excuse.
No excuse is not acceptable.
Bottled-Up Discontent?
If you’re not happy, find a time and place to express your feelings.  Failing that, who shares in the blame?  You, of course.
Hey is for horses.  Hello is for people.
Non-Gendered Titles?
Now that actresses have become actors, and chairmen have become chairpersons – the march of political correctness continues.  I get it, I really do.  But that doesn’t make it easy.  It is draftsman, draftswoman, draftsperson, drafter – or something altogether different?
Only occasionally now is the search for the currently correct word fun.  Mostly, it’s tedious.
Spam/Junk Mail?
Really, now.  Who invited you in?  Even vampires have to ask permission.
Robo Calls?
See above.  Thanks goodness for Nomorobo.  Why is this not everywhere?
Continuing Education Requirements?
Were we really all that incompetent?  I want credits for all the hours of service who are satisfied with my work.  Shouldn’t this count for something?
Yelling for Me?
If I have to raise my voice to respond – it won’t happen.  Emergency exceptions apply.
The Big College Lie?
“We will make our decision before the end of the week.”  If this assurance comes from someone in a position of apparent authority at a college or university, don’t believe it.  It’s never true.  The truth is usually more like the “end of the month”, or the “end of the semester”, or “never”.  Sadly, they usually don’t think it’s a lie when they say it.

All These Other Things?
Taxes, Automatic Transmissions, Lawn Mowing, Dusting, Vacuuming, Garbage Day, Death, Aging, Illness, Disease, Bigotry.
I won’t add Intolerance.  As you can see, I appear to have that.
What’s your pet peeve?

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