Woodworking takes many forms. It seems that when it’s more or less permanently affixed to the structure, it’s called ‘carpentry’. Well, I do that too. Door frames, railings, architectural elements – all part of the portfolio.



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Stair Railing

The construction of a home office in an unfinished attic was intended to blend finish elements with a ‘rustic’ feel. The stair railing uses untreated copper pipe pickets in an assembly made of oak finished to match the original chestnut woodwork used throughout the house.

Materials: Oak

Guardrail: Oak posts and rails, copper pipe pickets, concealed post anchor in wood base.
Handrail: Untreated copper pipe rail, bracketed with bent brass plate and oak, anchored with concealed threaded steel rod, finished with brass conduit and brass hardware.

Dimensions: 35"H x 86" W x 22"D


Finish: Satin finish oil-based combined stain/polyurethane