About Us

“Most architecture students spend time in wood shop making models; and I was no different. But for me, the experience brought with it the realization that I really enjoyed the experience of making something with my own hands – something that had a tactile and approachable scale.


“When creating a commission, I look carefully at the setting into which my furniture will be placed. Scale, detail, wood species and finish are all selected to solve the client’s needs, while affording a unique, personal creation. ”

My Style:

“Over time, I found myself favoring the simple lines and construction of other eras. Consequently, my pieces are influenced by Shaker, Mission and Craftsman traditions. Hardware is carefully chosen to suit the function of the furniture, while adding a subtle decorative flourish.

“This results in work which sits comfortably in both historic and contemporary environments.”

My Approach

Hand Crafted
Volume production has its place. Few people expect appliances to be custom built. Hand crafting, on the other hand, can resolve specific concerns, while simultaneously exhibiting the influence of the patron and artisan.

Three classic elements described by ancient Roman Architect Vitruvius: Utility, Stability and Beauty. The terms apply equally to Architecture and fine furniture. All elements co-exist, with none dominating, and all succeeding in the execution.

Wood construction has inherent beauty. Well made furniture is like a harmonious choir. Individual pieces, each with natural features, are assembled such that the composition is comfortably blended and tuned. The results can be timeless.

Modern adhesives, composite materials and hardware devices can be used effectively and appropriately. Their display, however, may be discrete, as it is here. The style is reserved and authentic.