Woodworking takes many forms. It seems that when it’s more or less permanently affixed to the structure, it’s called ‘carpentry’. Well, I do that too. Door frames, railings, architectural elements – all part of the portfolio.



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Ooh, Ooh, Cumaru. Also called Brazilian Teak, Cumaru is nearly three times as hard as oak; and lasts an estimated 25 years without any maintenance. It’s a great choice for outdoor decking; but incredibly difficult to work with precision, since it’s so unforgiving.

The client had specific details in mind when the configuration was sketched out, and so it was – outdoor furniture put to simple functional use. Not big, but nicely detailed. Mitered corners, aligned joints, and countersunk stainless exposed fasteners were all part of the desired ‘Look’.

This time, I worked alongside the homeowner, so it was not as if they couldn’t see the effort involved. That, and hear the occasional curse word. It all worked out.

Decking: 5/4” Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)
Rough Framing: Pressure treated Douglas Fir

Finish: Unfinished, except for Cumaru cut ends, which are treated with sealing wax

Details: Rough framing assembled offsite in sections to reduce noise of construction, deck fastened with #7 countersunk stainless steel trimhead screws, mitered outside corners on all fascia pieces.

Dimensions: Approximately 9’-0" W x 12-0" L x 2’-5” H